Transportation Projects

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Our SmartScreen™ controllable privacy transparencies for automotive, marine, and aircraft applications have many useful benefits when integrated into interior partitioning and cabin window panes.

Distinctive interior and exterior lighting effects, UV protection, and privacy can all be achieved by utilizing our new-generation materials.

SmartScreen™ privacy panels also function as innovative projection screens.  Holographic and high-resolution images are spectacular using this as rear-projection media.

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SmartScreen™ laminated privacy transparencies use adhesive interlayers that provide strength, durability and superb optical quality, while encapsulating the active layer of privacy film.

Smart Glass Systems Inc privacy transparencies combined with industry approved manual controls make installation simple and easy.  Product certifications are available as appropriate to each installation.

Curved and bent installations are also possible due to the laminates cold-formability.

Manual and automatic control systems are available.   Controllers will be quoted separately upon request.  SmartScreen™ panels are compatible with a variety of cabin management systems.

Contact us with your specific requirements.