Residential Projects

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Residential Architectural Products

Start here to look for the SmartScreen™ controllable privacy glass and selective spectrum window, door, skylight or sky-roof system that will best fit your new-build, renovation, or retrofit plans.

Technical Description

Our products can be supplied as single or multiple glazed units (IGU).  We can also incorporate additional energy-efficient or high performance features into your project.  Our IGU can be a double or triple glazed unit, using Low-e glass and laminated SmartScreen™ privacy glass separated by a spacer.  The entrapped air is kept dry with a desiccant in the spacer.

In addition to having a low U-factor, a measure of energy efficiency, our products also afford occupants the ability to control the amount of light passing through the IGU.  This not only reduces the glare coming inside, but also cuts down the amount of damaging UV radiation.  Since the IGU contains a laminated element, the innate shatter-resistant characteristic of laminated glass is an added safety feature.

All of our laminates are noise-attenuating, due to the multilayer glass and adhesives used in the lamination.

Thus, visual and thermal comfort are attained with the added ability to adjust the opacity or light transmission of the glazing.

We can also configure our smart glass to meet impact-resistance requirements when specified.

New York Penthouse Apartment   Bent SmartScreen (Opaque) Bent SmartScreen (Clear) Harbor Beach (off) Harbor Beach (on)

Manufactured Products

We also manufacture smart glass portable partitions.  Wood and metal framing is available on a custom basis.