How Can We Help You?

Whether you have worked with smart glass products like SmartScreen™ switchable privacy glass and other high-performance glass before or not, we are here to answer your questions.

What is SmartScreen™ privacy glass?

Switchable privacy glass technology has been around for many years–even decades.  This type of laminated glass provides instant privacy at the flip of a switch (or push of a button if your control system is configured for it).

Our product is a robust, new-generation material that is direct 120/240VAC powered without the need for power conditioners or transformers.  At a low, .5W per square foot power consumption, we can easily and safely drive SmartScreen™ to its maximum clarity without fear of damage due to overvoltage.

Our largest size can be made up to 59″ x 120″ or higher in some special instances.  Contact us for full details.

What other types of high-performance glass do you offer?

In addition to SmartScreen™ switchable privacy glass, we offer other types of dynamic adjustable and non-adjustable privacy and semi-privacy glass such as sandblasted, reflective, textured, restoration, art, and curved glass products.

Custom graphics can also be embedded into your glass panels or walls, bringing maximum impact for your business or design.

Our newest product we call StarGlass™ is a low-voltage, embedded LED product.  You can design a combination and pattern of light points within a clear glass panel to make your statement.

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