Art Louvers® Interior Systems

Smart Glass Systems is now the exclusive manufacturer of Art Louvers® adjustable louver systems.

“Art at its finest is the marriage of aesthetics and function.” – Anonymous

Aesthetics: These new window, door and wall systems are unique and innovative pivoting art panels that give rooms color, decor, and artistic expression.

Function: Fully adjustable to provide light and privacy control.  This louver system is an elegant alternative to blinds and draperies.  Available electronic backlighting creates stunning nighttime ambiance.

When mounted in windows as treatments they serve as dramatic, artistic displays viewable from not only the interior but from the exterior of homes or offices. DIY installation is available for certain configurations.  The systems can also be installed by a local contractor or by our team in limited areas.





In the above photos, the system is shown closed, open, and in asymmetrical opened positions.  Standard sizes are available, but Art Louvers systems are customizable.

Available in glass, wood, metal and acrylic, Art Louvers can be printed or engraved with a graphic, pattern, photo, or logo.

Contact us now to learn more and see how we can help design Art Louvers for your next project!



Frameless and framed kits are available with or without electronic backlighting.  High-resolution images will come alive with natural or artificial backlighting in window openings.  Form follows function with Art Louvers adjustable louver systems!

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Art & Glass, Inc. is the technology and trademark holder of Art Louvers®, Smart Louvers™ and Art Shutters™ products.
Art Louvers systems are patent pending.