Smart Glass Systems, Inc. manufactures, distributes and installs SmartScreen™ smart glass and other high-performance glazing. We provide integrated systems of electronically controllable smart glass that control light and privacy of windows, skylights, doors, partitions, as well as multi-purpose projection screens. Beginning with system design and planning through fabrication and installation, the company is involved at every phase of integration to ensure that customers’ expectations are met or exceeded.

We’ve manufactured and delivered products worldwide to end-users, builders, integrators, architects, engineers, designers, automotive OEMs, aircraft OEMs and other Fortune 50 corporations, as well as U.S. Government agencies.

Company Overview

With more than 15 years of experience in the smart glass industry, we are specialists in designing and producing smart glass solutions.  From our switchable privacy glass we call “SmartScreen™” to other high-performance glass for challenging industries like aviation and marine glass, we offer many solutions.

Smart glass is a relatively new term meaning that this type of glass is somehow more intelligent than ordinary or “plain” glass.  Well, not only is our smart glass more intelligent by being interactive with the user, but it is also safe, strong, and customizable to virtually any application under the sun.  Hence, the name Smart Glass Systems reflects the true mission of our company.

We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer you the highest quality, artistic and functional smart glass systems and products for architectural purposes as well as for a variety of land, sea, and air transportation industry segments.

We design, manufacture, and when called upon, install our products.  We tailor our product and service package to your needs.  If you need only the glass, we can deliver.  If you need installation, we can accomplish this with our field force at competitive rates.